"Navigating the legal system is often a confusing endeavor. But, Mr. Altman's professional demeanor and commitment to his clients sets him apart from other attorneys. He treated my legal matter with the utmost importance and was always available for discussion and questions. Mr. Altman's experience makes him the ideal attorney for any legal issue. I highly recommend him."

T.P.P. - 2015

"Mr. Altman handled my case excellent with good communication, preparation and all aspects of the proceedings."

J.D.P. - 2014

"Mr. Altman handled our case very professionally. He was very persistent with the other lawyers and did not give up the ship. We would recommend him to other people and, if we need a lawyer again, we would definitely hire him. He was always confident about winning our case."

Mr. & Mrs. P.A.S. - 2014

"Mr. Altman helped my husband and I with the closing of our first home. As it was our first experience with this situation, we had many concerns and questions. But, Mr. Altman guided us through every step, making everything esasy for us to understand. We would definitely work with him again. ... You're the best. Thank you so much!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.W.R. - 2014

"Thank you very much for your patience in helping us with our closing. It was a pleasure."

Mr. & Dr. M.N.S. - 2014

"Mr. Altman is very professional. Returns calls quickly and is on top of everything. I would recommend him very highly."

S.M.H. - 2014

"We thank you so much for all your help and support and most of all for being so patient."

Z.C.M. - 2014

"Money well spent. Thank you Mr. Altman."

T.L.V. - 2014

"Mr. Altman was extremely helpful on my DUI case. I am very pleased with the services that I received. I would hire or recommend Mr. Altman for his expertise ...".

L.A.C. - 2014

"Mr. Altman was always courteous, attentive and responsive to my questions and needs. He was diligent on the work to be done and thorough. I am grateful."

L.G.F. - 2014

"I was always able to get a hold of you. I had no idea what I was in for and you explained everything clearly and slowly. I was nervous after court and you offered to stay with me. You were VERY "on top of things". Even "ahead of things"."

K.A.G. - 2013

"Mr. Altman professionally guided me through the legal process resulting in the dismissal of all charges. I was very impressed by his questioning of witnesses during pretrial motions and the thoughtful arguments that he made in my defense."

N.K.H. - 2013

"I have used this law office to handle my closings. I have been so pleased with the exceptional service I received. I am so appreciative of your honesty and commitment."

R.C. - 2013

"I thank God for Mr. Altman. He was there for me as a professional and also as a human being."

T.P.K. - 2012

"EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! Very professional and courteous lawyer. My wife and I are both Canadian citizens ... . I research(ed) the Internet and found Mr. Altman ... . Mr. Altman was able to have the charges dropped and resolved the case in this first court appearance, saving us lots of stresses, money and headaches".

A.N. - 2012

"Professional, straight forward, knowledgeable, realistic, tactful."

E.P. - 2012

"Mr. Altman offered measured guidance in an unfortunate set of circumstances. He helped navigate through to the best possible outcome."

E.M.M. - 2011

"Professional, timely and honest. He does what he says he'll do."

Mr. & Mrs. D.B. - 2011

"No frills. No BS. Got the job done."

J.E.H. - 2011

"Mr. Altman handled my case quickly and effectively. My results couldn't have been better. The case was resolved quickly and with the least amount of stress possible."

J.R. - 2011

"As luck would have it I found Jared Altman on an internet search. His representation was excellent and his price was fair. I would recommend Mr. Altman to anyone who is interested in a no nonsense lawyer."

R.D. - 2011


J.B. - 2010

"We want to thank you for the service you rendered to us with precision and ability."

Rev. & Mrs. H.A.J. - 2010

"Jared Altman is professional, courteous and promptly returns calls. I can highly recommend him for your legal needs."

J.J.R. - 2010

"Professional, courteous and understanding. Mr. Altman kept me well informed and even covered for me when I had an important meeting that conflicted with a court date at no extra charge ... and his price was very reasonable."

D.E.B. - 2010

"I was very happy with Mr. Altman's services. He did his homework on everything."

D.M. - 2009

"I'm really glad I hired Mr. Altman as my lawyer. He is a very good, positive-minded gentleman. His personal qualities combined with extreme professionalism and talent make him an outstanding attorney. I highly recommend him to everyone."

A.N. - 2009

"Mr. Altman handled all of the details involved in the purchase of my new home. He was thorough, meticulous and very professional. As a first time home buyer I was very grateful that he answered all of my questions, kept me informed, advised me throughout the process, always returned my calls and prepared all of the figures and paperwork so that my closing went smoothly."

J.E. - 2009

"For many years, my wife and I have passed Jared's office on Albany Post Road and finally met him. He represented our son and really impressed me with his calming way. My wife became very relaxed due to Jared's concern and the way he spoke to our son re his future. We would highly recommend him to friends and family and would not hesitate giving him a call if the need arises."

J.R. - 2009

"I feel fortunate to have had the best representation and have met a fine man."

P.K. - 2009

"Mr. Altman is very professional but adds a personal touch. He kept my wife and I fully informed during our house closing. There was no doubt in our mind that he was on our side."

L.D. - 2009

"Jared made things very easy. Our closings were very smooth. Jared was always accessible. I will recommend Jared to others. Thank you very much."

J.G. - 2008

"Talk is cheap. Action speaks volumes and you are doing that and I am grateful."

D.M.B. - 2008

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