Can I Be Deported if Convicted?

One of the most fearful outcomes of a criminal prosecution is the potential affect a guilty verdict or negotiated plea might have on the immigration status of a non-citizen. Depending on the case, it can result in deportation and possibly a lifetime bar to re-entry into the United States. The offenses that have immigration impacts are divided into two categories, aggravated felonies and crimes of moral turpitude. Examples of some of these that may result in deportation are listed below. For more information please visit the Resources page for links to immigration related web sites.

  • Traffic offenses: some serious traffic offenses.
  • Stealing: simple shoplifting might be sufficient.
  • Fraud: using a fake ID or license and theft by deception (check fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft or Medicare of Medicaid fraud).
  • Drug crimes: possession (including legal medications without a prescription). Distribution can result in permanent deportation.
  • Assault and battery: threats of violence or fighting or attacking someone causing bodily harm.
  • Domestic violence: assault, battery or harassment of a spouse, girlfriend, family member or ex-spouse or ex-domestic partner may result in deportation. If a weapon is used or there is great bodily harm, then re-entry may be barred forever.
  • Serious felonies: murder, rape, and robbery result in lifetime deportation.

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