Falls Causing Injury

There are all kinds of falls. There are slip and falls, trip and falls, staircase falls, falls from ladders, falls from scaffolding, falls from decking or landings, and so on. Where negligence caused the fall, then a monetary recovery may be available to the injured party as compensation for all injuries and damages sustained as the result of the fall.

The cause of many kinds of falls is sometimes obvious. A torn carpet, ice on a sidewalk or the collapse of a ladder or scaffold. But sometimes the cause is not so apparent. For example, slightly unequal risers on a staircase, the lack of a sufficient railing or too small a landing. Many times the cause has to be discovered by a careful examination of the location where the fall took place, including photographs and measurements. Your lawyer needs to do this quickly, before the condition of the area is changed or repaired.

If you have had a fall, then please call my office right away for a free consultation. I will go over the facts of the incident and immediately try to discover what caused the fall. I almost always personally visit the scene of the fall and take my own measurements and photographs. If necessary, I hire engineers, architects or other professionals to do an expert examination for the cause of the fall looking for evidence of negligence.

I offer free consultations to accident victims. So please call right away at 914-737-0200 or contact me online.

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